The Vibe Catchers Story

The idea for Vibe Catchers came to me in a vision but I ignored it for almost a year. The images of floating structures with crystals and sacred geometry symbols kept haunting me but making them felt impossible because I had no idea where to start.

It wasn’t until I had a brush with death on a jungle trek in Colombia that I realized it was my purpose to bring them into the world. I decided I’d be patient with myself and start from the beginning. I ordered tools and taught myself each step of the way. I was surprised at how naturally it to me and within months I had Vibe Catchers and handmade jewelry everywhere.

At the time, I thought I had my dream job. I left my journalism career to pursue something in the metaphysical/spiritual industry. I had been practicing many different healing modalities for years and it was the side of myself that I wanted to nurture most. I landed a job working at one of the biggest metaphysical bookstores and crystal shops in California and quickly climbed my way to management. I became a buyer and floor manager and my days were spent shopping for new crystals for the store, picking spiritual books and searching for the best metaphysical products.

But, something was missing. The hustle and bustle had stripped people of their conscious inclination and it felt disingenuous. My Vibe Catchers greeted me each night when I returned home and I had a gnawing feeling that I needed to pursue it full time but I was afraid to take the leap. Could I really support myself with these things? Would people even get it? I was ready to quit but lost sleep over the idea. I asked for a sign.

One night, when I was finally drifting off to sleep, a vivid memory came rushing back to me. It was of the ‘Crystal in the Air’ game I created as a child and played with my cousins. Their parents had a large bathroom with mirrors all along the walls and we would sit on the counter tops and grab whatever we could find near us-lipstick, shaving brushes and cream, candles, etc.-and we’d do demonstrations on each other, selling them to our pretend audience like we were QVC hosts.

I remember growing older and thinking why did we call it ‘Crystal in the Air’? I didn’t even get into crystals until I was a 20-something backpacker who befriended a group of Aussie rock hounds.

That night, that memory, and my request for a sign made everything click into place. I jumped up out of bed with my eyes wide open and I just knew: this was my calling, this is my destiny. I could feel it in my bones. A part of me even knew it as a child. I put in my two weeks and have never looked back.