So…What is A Vibe Catcher?

Vibe Catchers are energetic tools. They are works of art. They are chandeliers, crystal mobiles, and dream catchers with a twist.

Vibe Catchers are manifestation aids. They are visual reminders of the energies you want to bring into your life. They are feng shui cures, mandalas, and sacred objects for your sacred space.

Vibe Catchers hang from the ceiling or decorate your walls. They are baby mobiles, wedding decor, and healing practitioner tools. They float above your meditation chair, your massage table, your bath tub or your vanity. They sparkle in your windows or protect you on your travels.

Vibe Catchers are handmade with intention. Each one is strategically assembled to create a specific healing vibration. They harness the energy of crystals, sacred geometry, and the elements. Each component is purposeful and works to enhance the whole.

Vibe Catchers support everyone from the spiritual seeker to the non-believer. They represent something different for everyone. Find the one that calls to you and embrace the vibes.

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